Thomas William ‘Bill’ Pramuk

Registered Consulting Arborist, #409


Education and Qualifications

1979:  California Certified Nursery Professional #1365, California Association of Nurserymen.
1980:  California Certified Nursery Professional Advanced Status in Insects, Weeds and Diseases.
1990:  Certified Arborist, WE 0610A, Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture.
1991:  Qualified Applicator License, QL97833, State of California Department of Pesticide Regulation.
1998:  Member, American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA).
2003:  Registered Consulting Arborist  #409, ASCA
2010:  Certified Small Business, State of California Department of General Services
2012:  Preliminary Career Technical Education Teaching Credential, Agriculture and Natural Resources,        California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 3/5/2012,  #120037804
September 2013, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ), International Society of Arboriculture

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Professional Experience

1973-1975: Landscape Laborer, Personalized landscaping, Napa CA
1975-1983: Van Winden Pueblo Garden Center, Napa, CA, Manager, Nurseryman:  Manage retail nursery store and staff, perform sales, customer relations and nursery maintenance.
1983-1991: Boething Treeland, Portola Valley, CA, Sales Representative: Perform sales and marketing of wholesale nursery stock.
1991-1995:  Arrowhead Growers/ Euser Landscape Services, Napa, CA, General Manager/ Arborist:  Manage wholesale nursery start-up, production, sales, and marketing.  Perform pesticide applications in nursery and for clients.  Prepare arborist reports and landscape management plans for landscape clients including homeowners associations, commercial properties and single family residences.
1995-8/31/06: Britton Tree Services, Inc., St. Helena, CA, Arborist:  Perform consultations and prepare estimates for tree care services such as pruning, removal, pest and disease diagnosis, hazard evaluations, tree management plans, loss valuations and plant health care.  Create and supervise tree and landscape Integrated Pest Management Division.
2006-2015: Consulting Arborist, Bill Pramuk, Tree and Garden Vitality
2015-present: Consulting Arborist and Managing Member, Pramuk, Trees and Associates, LLC.

Professional Affiliations

1990-present:   Western Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture
1979-present:   California Association of Nursery Professionals
1995-present:   Pesticide Applicators Professional Association
1998-present:   American Society of Consulting Arborists
2007- 2009:     California Association of Community Managers
2006-present:  Napa Success Connection, business networking club
2007- present: California Native Plant Society,  member.
2010-present:  Society of Municipal Arborists

Public Service

1994-1999  Tree Advisory Commission, City of Napa:  Commission member 1994-1996, Chairman 1997, 1998, 1999
2001: Steering Committee and Moderator, Western Chapter ISA seminar on Sudden Oak Death, Napa, September 19, 2001
2006, 2009, 2010:Martha Walker Garden at Skyline Park, Napa: Consult regarding renovation of irrigation system and tree management, steering committee, 2010.
2007:Sacred Garden, Napa Interfaith Council, consult and volunteer labor in preparation and installation of garden.
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010:Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, fundraising event, Napa.
2007:  Acorn Day: Growing and Planting Oaks, Pepperwood Preserve, 3450 Franz Valley Road, Santa Rosa, September 29, 2007.
2010:  Valley View Pond Restoration Project,  Yountville Veterans Home, pro bono consultation.
2011-2016:  Local leader for the Sudden Oak Death Blitz, Napa County, sponsored by the University of California Berkeley Forest Pathology and Mycology Laboratory.
2014-15: Board member, Napa Methodist Church, Board of Trustees.
2014-15: Guiding Coalition, Napa Circles Initiative, a non-profit organization for the elimination of poverty.
2016: Acorns to Oaks, an oak planting project sponsored by Napa County Resources Conservation District. Supervise and work with volunteers planting acorns at Alston Park.


  • Newspaper column, Trees and People, Napa Valley Register, appearing biweekly since November 1995. My column answers readers' questions and offers educational information on tree care.
  • Reviewed and contributed to Species Classification and Group Assignment, Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture, 2004.
  • Contributed to Oaks in the Urban Landscape, Costello, Hagen, Jones, University of California Publication 3518, 2011.
  • Technical editor of Trees to Know in Napa Valley, a book by the UC Master Gardeners of Napa County, 2015.


I have lectured on tree care topics at numerous meetings, including: 

> Lodi Farm Center Group, St. Helena.
> Kiwanis Club Luncheon, Napa June, 1998. 
> University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners training session, Napa, February 27, 1997
>  Dry Creek Watershed Stewardship Group, Napa, October 21, 1997.
> American Association of University Women, The Trees of Fuller Park, Napa, September 6, 2000.
> Mt. Veeder-Dry Creek Preservation Association semi-annual meeting, October 28, 2002.
> University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardener training session, Napa, January 21, 2003.
> The Meadows of Napa Valley, April 2003.
> Napa City-County Library:  Living With Trees in Napa Valley, February 16, 2005
> Western Chapter ISA seminar: Recognizing Tree Diseases IV, Root Crown Excavations, Carmichael, CA October 28, 2005.
> Association of Applied Integrated Pest Management Ecologists (AAIE), Annual Conference, Napa, February 6, 2007:  Field Demonstration of Air Knife Excavation:  Where  Oak Roots Grow.
> California Arborists Association (CAA), Fruit Tree Pruning Seminar, Martinez, February 26, 2007, Training Coach.
> Napa Success Connection (a business networking group), Common Tree Problems, October 24, 2007.
> Pruning Young Trees for Long-term Success, a public presentation, Van Winden’s Pueblo Garden Center, Napa, September 6, 2008
> Living With Trees in the Napa Valley:  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,  a public presentation at the Napa City County Library, September 3, 2009.
> Northern California Tree Pests and Diseases: "To Spray or Not to Spray? That is the question." Presented at the Sonoma County Regional Parks Pesticide Applicator Seminar, Petaluma, April 25, 2012
> Classroom teacher, Arboriculture, Preparing for Certification, Napa Valley Adult Education, 2012-2014
> Sonoma County Regional Parks Pest Control Seminar lecture: Top Ten Pests and Diseases for 2015, Finley Community Center, Santa Rosa, November 19, 2015
> Spring Tree Care, presentation to Napa Success Connections, April 16, 2016
> Napa County Master Gardeners lecture: Trees in Napa Valley: Star Performers and Diagnosing Tree Problems, Yountville Community Center, Septermber 29, 2016.
> Trees to Know in Napa Valley, a public lecture at St. Helena Public Library, January 17, 2017.

California Tree Failure Report Program

I am a regular participant and contributor to the California Tree Failure Report Program (CTFRP) beginning in January 1995.  Sponsored by University of California Cooperative Extension,  and the International Society of Arboriculture, CTFRP is an ongoing effort to record and study tree failures and the damage they incur.  As reports and data accumulate, professionals and the public gain a greater understanding of tree risks.  Participants gather annually at the  CTFRP Conference to hear presentations by leaders in the field and to share tree failure case histories.

Current Professional Activity

I served as an Arbiter for the City of Sausalito in a matter regarding a view claim under the City of Sausalito Tree Ordinance and completed many assignments as Town Arborist for the Town of Yountville.

In 2015 I formed a limited liability company, Pramuk, Trees and Associates, LLC.

Since the outset of my practice in 2006 I have built community relationships and a team of supportive businesses, including a bookkeeping service and a database specialist.

I employ a part-time assistant who is in training to become a certified arborist.

I continue to serve as an independent consulting arborist and horticultural consultant, working for clients in the public and private sectors.

I do not own or represnt a tree service.